What is sedation?

  • At The Dentist our aim Is to get you to change your perception of the dentist. Many people have had previous bad experiences that have made them fearful. This does not need to be the case. A visit to The Dentist should be relaxed and pain free.
  • If after coming to see us the thought of the dental treatment is still too much we can offer sedation to help you manage your fears.
  • Sedation will help you relax and be less fearful during the treatment.
  • We offer oral and IV sedation.
  • Oral sedation involves you taking a tablet such as Valium an hour before the procedure. This will make you feel a bit drowsy but you will still be awake.
  • IV sedation is when you receive a sedative drug through a vein throughout the procedure. This enables the dentist to keep adjusting levels of medicine so you are at the optimal level of sedation for you to be relaxed.
  • IV sedation is better for more nervous patients and larger/ longer treatments.
  • In both cases you will most likely not remember the procedure once finished and will require escorts throughout the procedure and to get you home.