Treating gum disease

Having healthy gums is as important as having healthy teeth. As many teeth are lost due to poor gums as to tooth decay.

The key to optimum oral health is good teeth and gums. Regular visits to the hygienist will help keep you gums healthy. After visiting The Dentist we will provide a tailor made plan for you to make sure your gums are in top condition. If you suffer from more serious gum(periodontal) conditions we will refer you to the Periodontist (gum specialist) for more advanced treatments.

Should my gums bleed during pregnancy?

  • Although bleeding gums are more common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, it is still not ideal.
  • We recommend that you may need to see the hygienist more regularly during pregnancy to help prevent this.

Why do my teeth feel loose?

  • Advanced gum disease leads to loss of bone supporting the teeth, which can lead to looseness.
  • Don’t worry, even in the most serve cases we can help to keep the teeth for as long as possible.
  • A course of treatment with a gum specialist can significantly improve the situation and maintain your healthy smile.
  • The key is to not delay and come in and see us as soon as you can. The quicker you come to see us, the sooner we can help you fix things.
  • Regular visits to the hygienist are the key to healthy gums.
  • Bleeding gums are a sign that the gums are inflamed due to a build up of plaque or calculus.
  • Usually regular hygiene visits will solve the problem.
  • In some cases it can be a sign of more significant gum disease where further treatment with the hygienist or gum specialist may be required.
  • It is crucial to maintain regular hygiene visits to prevent gum disease and keep gums in tip- top condition.